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animal/poultry/fish feed production line

  • Vacuum pump of milking machine
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    Vacuum pump of milking machine

    Portable vacuum pump milking machine adopts gasoline engine and electric rotary is widely used for cows, goats and even camels’ milking. Vacuum pump for milking machine is mainly composed of vacuum pump unit, milking device and chassis....
  • animal salt block making machine
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    animal salt block making machine

    Animal salt block making machine also called animal slat brick machine to produce licking salt block with scientific formula of minerals, vitamins and other trace elements, nutrients for cattle, sheep ect....
  • Egg tray making machine
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    Egg tray making machine

    As one of professional egg tray making machine supplier or exporter, we mainly produce paper egg tray making machine or production line. The egg tray making machine is a kind of environmental protection equipment. It can make egg box, paper egg tay,fruit...

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